Senior prank at Deer Creek High School turns into criminal offense

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma high school - trashed. It was the result of a senior prank at Deer Creek High School, but school officials aren't laughing. And now, the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

“Eggs on the floor, walls and the ceilings, and oil on the floor,” said senior Gracie Wimmer.

Students say it was supposed to be a senior prank.

“What we were told is that there was eggs, toilet paper, also cleaning supplies, cleaning chemicals thrown all over the floors, the walls, on the ceilings as well,” said Mark Opgrande, PIO with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

Opgrande says the prank is a criminal offense.

“Yesterday morning, Deer Creek called to report a vandalism and we sent deputies to the scene to take a report,” he said.

School officials say two high school students broke into Deer Creek High School early Monday morning and vandalized the school.

“It's breaking and entry causing destruction to public property, so it doesn't matter if somebody wanted to do a prank or not, if that's the case here, but as far as we're concerned and the law is concerned, it is vandalism and it will be prosecuted that way,” said Opgrande.

Even some seniors can see how this may have crossed the line.

“Egging houses is vandalism, so I assumed it was gonna,” said Wimmer.

The prank allegedly caused some damage to the building and students say a faculty member got hurt.

“We handed it off to our investigative unit and they're going to go through and interview individuals. Try to find out as much information as we can about this to see if we can develop some suspects,” said Opgrande.

As far as punishment, students say they see it happening, just hopefully not to the entire senior class.

“Definitely the ones that were involved,” said Wimmer.

There's no word on what exactly will happen to those students if charges are filed.

The sheriff's office wants this to be a reminder to students for any future senior pranks.

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