Family members of men killed after Craigslist sale seeking justice 

GARVIN COUNTY, Okla. – The families of two metro men who were shot to death, dismembered and thrown into a pond were in court Tuesday.

Relatives of Jarron Moreland and Alize' Smith were at the preliminary hearing conference for the four suspects connected to the murders.

Moreland and Smith met brothers Brett Boettler and Kevin Garcia-Butler for a Craigslist gun sale in a Moore Grocery store parking lot last month.

“They kept him for four days,” said Kennetha Moreland, Jarron Moreland’s mom. “I was begging and pleading to please, whatever you do, just put him on the side of the road somewhere. Put him where somebody can see him, where I can give my son, so I can have peace.”

Moreland says she had to cremate her son because his body was so badly disfigured.

Johnny Barker, who allegedly helped dispose of the bodies, was the only suspect in court.

“Just can't believe that I'm sitting in the room with someone who murdered my son,” said Destiny Smith.

Some are calling this a hate crime.

“It was definitely a hate crime because when you go and attack a person and pull their teeth out and dismember them and cover up their tattoos, that`s a personal thing,” said activist Michael Washington.

The preliminary hearing is set for June 19.