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It’s an antique mall in Oklahoma now but its owners think it might be a piece of Wiley Post’s legacy.

THE VILLAGE, OKLAHOMA -- The first antiques Bonnie Collins want to show off belong to some of the more than 60 dealers selling items on consignment inside her Britton Street Mall.

"These magazines are really old," she says stopping at a vendor's table. "They just came in about a week ago."

The structure is certainly big enough to get lost in, wandering among row after row of art, or sculpture, or bric-à-brac.

She's even selling her husband's old Harley.

"You name it it's here," she says. "You just have to find it."

Bonnie bought the place back in the mid-90's acting on her son's idea of turning it into a combo tanning salon and gym.

Collings point to the ceiling, "All these tube things (hanging down) went to each individual tanning room."

She could tell by the floor design that it had once been the Puddin' Lane Bowling Alley.

She heard it was a mexican restaurant.

And she heard one more thing, that it was once a hangar at the old Curtiss-Wright Airfield where the famed aviator Wiley Post kept his airplane, the Winnie Mae.

"Did you recognize it as an airplane hangar," asks a mall visitor?

"Yeah," replies Collins. "We were told that's what it was."

The original grass air strip went in around 1928.

The famous pilot was always working on some project like navigating around the world or high altitude flying.

Old pictures show the air field and hangar sitting on the west side of May Avenue just north of Britton Road.

The photo does not show a hangar where the mall sits now though.

If the old rumors are true, then Bonnie's building might have been moved to this location after the airport closed.

The hangar in the photo was dismantled and stored back in the late 90's, which leaves us back here in an old building that sure does look like a hangar, and who's current owner reflects Wiley's can do attitude when it comes to business.

"We just went for it," smiles Collins. "That's what we're doing."

"You sound like Wiley Post there," remarks her visitor.

"That's right," she laughs. "Go for it."

It's origins, just like a lot of history, are still up in the air.

The Britton Street Mall is located at 2625 Britton Road and open Thursday Through Sunday.