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“They’re so sweet,” Heartwarming moment on Oklahoma playground caught on camera

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COLLINSVILLE, Okla. – A heartwarming moment at an Oklahoma park is going viral after it was posted on social media.

Christy Lee Rowden says she was at the park with her two children when a group of students from Oologah Upper Elementary School began playing on the basketball court.

“There is good in this world! I need reminders of it sometimes. I took Asher & Mercy to the park this morning and for about half an hour they were the only ones there. Then a lot of school kids came which made my little ones a little nervous. Some boys started playing basketball & Asher kind of stood back and watched for a while. Then something happened that melted my heart. All the boys came over & shook Asher’s hand & introduced themselves. Then they asked him to play with them. They were so kind- they included him by letting him catch & throw the ball & they cheered him on and high-fived him. It seriously brought tears to my eyes- especially being the mom of a black boy in a mostly white community.

I bragged on the boys to one of the teacher but if anyone that is reading this knows any 5th grade Oologah Upper Elementary teachers or parents, can you please tag them in the comments? Hopefully some will read this and know that we appreciate their boys!” Rowden wrote on Facebook.


Rowden’s son is 7-years-old and was adopted from Uganda about five years ago. She told FOX 23 that he can be shy, so he didn’t feel comfortable jumping in at first.

“For them to notice that he was standing on the side, wanting to play, I thought that was just really sweet that they would include him,” she said.

Rowden says she doesn’t think the boys even thought twice about asking Asher to play, but it meant the world to him.

“They’re so sweet. We just want them to know that we appreciate them, including Asher,” she said.

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