Woman arrested after allegedly shooting at neighbor during argument

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. - A nearly 70-year old woman was arrested after she allegedly shot at her neighbor during an argument.

Jane Martin was charged with shooting with intent to kill.

It happened when Martin was arguing with her neighbor, Elizabeth Voss, about Voss’ dog. Voss said she let her dog out to use the bathroom and he ran up to the edge of the property to do so. While he was there, Voss said she heard Martin driving their way in her four-wheeler.

“She's running at him like she's gonna come through the fence,” Voss said. “She was cussing, I'm going to kill him, I won't mind putting a bullet in him.”

Voss called her dog back into the house, but got in her car and followed Martin as she went back to her house, driving along the service road that sits on the side of Voss’ property. The two argued from either side of the property line.

“She said, ‘You're going to leave here one way or another,’” Voss said.

Then, Voss said Martin pulled her handgun out of her car and shot it into the air.

“She shoots up,” Voss said. “I freeze. I can't do anything.”

According to deputies, she didn’t stop there.

“Then, she points it straight at me and it goes over my head,” Voss said. "That's when I hit the ground. I had a seizure.”

Body cam video worn by deputies on the scene shows Jane Martin admitting she shot her gun, but not at Voss.

“She kept yelling, and screaming, and walking toward the fence,” Martin is seen saying on body cam video. "And I just reached in the pickup and shot in the air.”

She told deputies she wanted to get the attention of her husband, who was in the house, and that she felt threatened.

“You never told me that she threatened you,” the deputy said.

“Oh, yeah, she was calling me all kinds of names down here,” Martin said.

“OK, calling you names is not a threat,” the deputy said.

Martin was charged with a felony and jailed on a $500,000 bond.

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