Parents concerned about ‘Cosmo After Dark’ channel on Snapchat

NEW YORK – Parents are becoming concerned with the latest channel from a popular social media site.

Social media app Snapchat has launched a new channel that promises ‘x-rated’ content and other controversial features.

“Cosmo After Dark” was created by Cosmopolitan magazine, which has a history of being provocative with some of its content.

While many parents are concerned about the new channel, the feature says you have to be 18-years-old or older in order to access it.

However, some people aren’t convinced.

“It’s so easy, all you have to do is check a box,” Marina Pelloux said.

Experts say parents should use this as a way to speak with their kids, and double check their child’s settings and make sure their age is correct or set it to a younger status.

“We work hard to be a responsible source of news, entertainment and information for our community, and understand the legitimate concerns parents have about what content their children consume. Last year, we strengthened guidelines for our media partners to label anything that might be too mature for younger Snapchatters. In this case, Cosmo was required from the start to age-gate their “Cosmo After Dark” edition for accounts registered as under the age of 18, which means those Snapchatters would not have had access to this content,” a spokesperson from Snapchat said in a statement to FOX 19.