Western Heights teachers’ pay docked for participating in walkout

OKLAHOMA CITY - Teachers were in shock Thursday after finding out their paychecks had taken a hit because they decided to participate in the teacher walkout.

The Oklahoma Education Association confirmed to News 4 that Western Heights teachers who took time off to participate in the teacher walkout got their pay docked.

News 4 sources sent us an email Western Heights teachers received from administrators on Thursday.

"Your May paycheck is being docked because you were absent without leave in April. If you have any questions, please contact your Principal," the email reads.

The email did not explain how much money was being deducted.

Western Heights teachers received news back in April during the walkout that if they participated, they could be in violation of their contracts. Some teachers still chose to walkout.

OEA sent us a statement in regards of the pay issue saying:

“We are aware that Western Heights wants to dock the pay of some of our members who took personal leave to attend the walkout. We'll represent our members in resolving this dispute with the school district."

We made several efforts to reach out to the administrative office, but we were told officials we needed to talk to were too busy.