A blank canvas used to intimidate Jenny Bullard until she broke through with color.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- She's a two-year old artist who kind of paints that way, free from the constraints of rules or expectations.

"I have no idea what this is going to turn out to be," she mutters while painting on a large canvas.

Jenny Bullard just likes to paint.

"I get up in the morning and just can't wait to get into my studio and paint," she says. "I paint seven days a week."

"So it's your happy place," asks a studio visitor?

"It is," she replies. "It really is."

But look a little closer and you begin to see more layers in her work, a lifetime of them that built up until she finally broke through.

Bullard adds, "I want my art to brighten a room."

Both her parents were accomplished artists.

Her father was a Navy pilot who did this self-portrait.

Her mother, Joan Betancourt, painted this one.

As a kid, Jenny was either too busy with sports or too intimidated to try.

She recalls, "When I would sit in front of a canvas I would just stare at it. I couldn't think of anything to paint."

She decorated some furniture, made some jewelry, but it wasn't until a couple of years back that Jenny faced an empty canvas and broke through with color.

"That is why I enjoy doing abstracts," she says. "Because I can be creative. I can just let myself go, and they're just happy."

She still consults with her mom on color schemes and those loose rules of art that make paintings look better without an audience really knowing why.

"Use of color and the rule of thirds," she mentions.

Her cityscapes drip with sunshine.

Her abstracts consist of layer after layer of paint.

She doesn't stop until she steps back and gets the right feeling.

Bullard explains, "When you look at it you see something different each time."

It took decades of thinking about art for Jenny Bullard to finally put brush to canvas.

These days she's catching up with all the enthusiasm of a kid with a brand new toy.

Jenny Bullard is one of many artists showing and selling their work at the 42nd annual Paseo Arts Festival May 26-28.

For more information about the festival go to http://www.thepaseo.org

For more information about artist Jenny Bullard go to Facebook at JennyBullardArt