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Investigation into shooting at Lake Hefner continues

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Gunshots broke the silence of a calm evening at Lake Hefner on Thursday.

Shortly before 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, police say a gunman fired shots at customers outside of Louie's On The Lake, near Britton and Lake Hefner Parkway.

Officials say at least four people were injured as a result of the shooting.

When police arrived at the restaurant, they immediately closed roads and swarmed the parking lot of the restaurant.

"It is scary. You don't think it is going to happen here in northwest Oklahoma City. You know, it is just crazy," said Vickie, a witness.

Officers say the suspect shot a mother, Natalie Will, and her daughter, Niah Giles, before running away from the restaurant.

Dennis Will, the victim's father and grandfather, said the victims were at the restaurant to celebrate a birthday.

After shooting the girl and her mother, the suspect was confronted by a citizen carrying a handgun.

"We heard someone say, this man, yelling, 'Put down the gun,' before the second shots," Morgan, another witness, said.

Morgan said a group of Good Samaritans immediately rushed to take care of the victims before paramedics arrived.

"We were all together treating her when the second round of shots happened and shortly after that someone came around and told us the shooter was down and we stayed until paramedics came," she said.

Police say a citizen, who was also armed, pulled out his weapon and shot and killed the suspect.

"Thankfully the only person that is deceased is the person who was trying to harm others, and it looks like others are going to survive at this point. That`s the best thing that we can hope for at this point," said Capt. Bo Mathews, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Another person was actually injured trying to get away from the gunfire.

"He was actually next to me he was lying down. He was worried about his child and his wife that were inside. But He was just lying there. I asked him what happened he said when he was trying to exit he broke his wrist," Vickie said.

Detectives spent hours interviewing more than 100 witnesses who were inside or near the restaurant during the time of the shooting.

"I haven't been able to process it all yet. Thank goodness there was someone there, a guest, that had a gun and took care of the situation. So we are just really thankful of that person," said Bob Doggett, who was picking up his family.

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