Two days after shooting: Louie’s reopens, customers say, ‘you can’t live scared’

OKLAHOMA CITY - Two days after a gunman shot three people at a Lake Hefner restaurant, Louie's reopened.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been to Louie’s and we thought, ‘well, you know, I’m hungry and want a burger so I came to Louie’s," said William Lyth.

The restaurant's parking lot was nearly full and diners could be seen coming and going.

"It was pleasant. They were very friendly," said Natasha Bassett. "You could tell there was a little bit of heaviness there, but they were very kind and just made sure that they were attentive and how we were doing.”

Both Bassett and Lyth plan on coming back and say the area is their happy place.

“Come out. You can’t live scared. You can’t live under a rock. It’s Oklahoma City. We’re all friendly here," said Lyth.

“I love the sunsets. Love it," said Bassett. "I always try to time it when I come out here to walk, to make sure it’s as close to sunset or when they’re getting ready to do the sailboat races.”