Southside sign crusader questions politicians on their banners

OKLAHOMA CITY - A south Oklahoma City man said he is sick of illegally placed signs along the road. He claims he has been picking up signs for years.

The 71-year-old retiree didn't want to be identified. He fears his actions will bring unwanted attention from the law.

He saw the News 4 story on May 17 about the northside Oklahoma City man that was vandalizing and taking away illegally placed street signs.

"I felt sorry for the guy you was doing the story on because he was trying to do good," he said. "I'm involved in the same thing. He is trying to keep my community clean."

It brings up the question: can you get in trouble for picking up an illegally placed sign?

"We do not have a law that says people cannot pick up signs," said City of Oklahoma City Spokesperson Kristy Yager.

Yager said the city doesn’t encourage it, though, for safety reasons.

But, what is the rule for temporary street signs?

"Signs are illegal when they are placed in the city right-of-way, and the city right-of-way is area for the curb to where you might see some telephone poles or the sidewalk," Yager said.

The city has four part-time employees that collect illegal signs year round. Twice annually, Oklahoma City makes a city-wide sweep with all their manpower.

Oklahoma City offers a pamphlet (also online) that spells out the rules for placing signs. They also offer training for entire neighborhoods.

Signs collected for being illegally placed are thrown away and cannot be retrieved by the owners.