Guthrie mother charged for leaving her son alone in horrific conditions for days at a time

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GUTHRIE, Okla. – A woman is charged with child neglect after police discovered her son with Aspergers Syndrome was left to fend for himself.

The 17-year-old does online schooling, and when his teacher saw he had not logged into class for days, she alerted police to check on him.

“He had been emailing the teacher, said that he was kind of depressed, having some issues, and then just stopped communication,” said Sgt. Jeremy Thorne with the Guthrie Police Department. “So she was worried about him.”

When police arrived they were greeted by the teen in a home unfit for anyone to live in.

“Just absolutely deplorable conditions,” Sgt. Thorne said.

Garbage and dirty dishes were piled everywhere, and the carpets and linens were completely soiled.

“Absolute filth on the carpets,” Sgt. Thorne said. “My boots were covered in some sort of sticky goo.”

Apparently no one was cleaning up after the cats in the home.

“There was an overpowering stench of cat urine and there was cat feces everywhere,” Sgt. Thorne said.

According to the affidavit, the smell was so bad that an officer said it “was almost unbearable and caused me to gag, nearly vomiting.”

“The house was in no condition for him to be living,” Sgt. Thorne said.

The teen told police his mother, Christina Kelley, would visit him about once a week and called daily.

“But when we looked at the phone, we saw she hadn’t called in about three days,” Sgt. Thorne said. “It appeared that maybe she hadn’t been there to check on him in quite a while.”

Kelley told police she left him there because he didn’t want to go with her to Wyandotte, where her boyfriend lived, about 80 miles away.

“She could have left him with another family member, or had another family member move in with him to be there with him,” Sgt. Thorne said.

Kelley has been charged with felony child abuse. The teen was left in the care of family nearby.

“Hopefully we got him into a better situation,” Sgt. Thorne said.

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