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Metro woman’s windshield cracked after large object thrown at her car while driving

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A woman is trying to spread the word after a large rock or brick was thrown at her vehicle.

It happened around 9:30 p.m. Sunday near Hefner and Rockwell.

"It's like it's a trend, you know, like the kids swallowing tide pods, how that was a trend," Christine Dressel told News 4.

Dressel said it happened so fast.

"When I was driving, a foreign object, brick, rock was thrown into my vehicle," said Christine Dressel. "I almost lost control but, luckily, I was able to correct myself."

Her windshield was severely damaged. The cracks are so deep it almost completely shattered the glass.

"After it happened, I pulled over to my nearest point I could pull over and there are rocks and bricks on the side of the road," Dressel said.

She pulled over on N.W. 102nd at the Beacon Hill neighborhood. When police responded, she found out they took multiple similar reports that night in the same area.

"They had reports right before me because it took them a few minutes to get to me because they had another report at the exact same time," Dressel said.

Those reports, after a similar report over on N.W. 23rd last week, as well as one near N.W. 65th and May Avenue.

Dressel said residents who live in her area think the suspects in the cases are kids.

"It's terrifying," Dressel said. "It's crazy to think, you would never think that would happen to you and it happens to you."

Now, she has a message for whoever is responsible.

"I hope you will have the courage to step up, and I hope you have learned from your lesson because it could have been a lot worse," Dressel said.

Dressel said she'll press charges if police are able to track down the suspects.

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