“It’s in my heart,” Guthrie woman giving dogs a new leash on life 

GUTHRIE, Okla. - You've probably seen them on rural roads or highways - dogs abandoned by their owners.

Some of them get dumped in the middle of nowhere by neglectful and uncaring people. It can make you mad and sad.

Von Coburn of Guthrie has made it her mission to fight back against the “dog dumpers.”

18 years ago, she formed a group called FOGAS, Friends of Guthrie’s Animals.

Logan County doesn't have an animal control service, so the sheriff will call Coburn when they find strays.

FOGAS pays for medical treatments, including spay and neutering,  and then helps find the strays loving homes. And the task can sometimes be overwhelming.

"We've probably rescued, since October, 182,” Coburn told News 4.

"I’ve heard stories of her going out in the middle of the night to rescue hurt or abandoned animals,” Guthrie resident Traci Allison said.

Allison nominated Coburn for Pay It 4Ward.

When we surprised Coburn with the $400 reward provided by Ryan Featherstone of First Fidelity Bank, Allison told Coburn, “someone I know called you an angel when they needed one, when you helped get medical care for their animals.”

A tearful Coburn accepted the money, pledging to use it to continue the cause.

“It's just a passion of mine. It's in my heart. Every day of my life. If I’m not selling real estate, I’m running down the road chasing a dog. I mean, I cannot believe you guys did this. Thank you," she said.

Von Coburn - paying it forward one rescue at a time.

Pay It 4Ward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank.