Tornado destroys old Oklahoma hotel roof; county and city crews clean up

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WOODS COUNTY, Okla. - Crews from the city of Waynoka and Woods County spent most of Wednesday cleaning up after a confirmed tornado.

The National Weather Service confirms a brief tornado was reported around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, causing damage in and around Waynoka.

Woods County District 3 commissioner John Smiley was among others helping clean up on Wednesday near Cecil Street. Winds from the storm destroyed the roof of the Eastman hotel building and also knocked down power lines and trees.

"Probably nine, 10 down lines here in town, lost a few poles," Smiley said. "A lot of wind, straight line wind. Maybe the tip of the tornado."

Tom Treece has lived on Cecil Street for 30 years. His home is right next to the Eastman building.

Treece tells News 4 the building has been there since the 1920's but it was bought by another owner about 15 years ago to refurbish and remodel.

"You can hear the crumbling of the metal on the end. When it picked that up, I didn’t know where it was going to stop with that wind," he said. "I mean, it could have flew. You can see how it is."

According to Smiley, the owner of the building will be responsible for fixing the damages. He said the county will do what they can to keep people out of harm's way.

"We’re going to keep it corned off because it’s unsafe, and we get a lot of winds here in Oklahoma and it’s [roof] not attached. I crawled up there and we’re going to have get something done," he said. "It could end up over here in my yard or somebody getting hurt, you know? A lot of kids play around here and we don’t need that kind of stuff."

Treece said he's thankful his home was spared of major damages, aside from trees outdoors.

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