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Bethany mother beaten and robbed after she opens the door to a stranger

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BETHANY, Okla. - A Bethany mother was beaten and robbed after she opened the door for a stranger asking for help. Her two-year-old child was in the apartment with her through the whole ordeal.

It happened Wednesday at about 6 p.m. at an apartment complex near Council and 39th.

Police said a woman knocked on the victim's door asking to use the restroom. When the victim opened the door and denied the woman, she and two men rushed into her apartment and started beating her up.

"When we were observing video surveillance, it shows two black males hiding behind a car," said Det. Lt. Angelo Orefice with the Bethany Police Department. "Knocked her down and started beating her up. One of the suspects grabbed a broom handle and started beating her with that."

The three rummaged through her belongings and stole $200 in cash, and a small amount of marijuana. By the time she called police, the suspects were gone.

"They told her they were going to hurt her if she left the apartment," Lt. Orefice said, "so she called maybe thirty minutes afterwards and waited in the apartment because she was afraid something was going to happen to her."

One of the suspects left his cell phone behind. Police were able to use that to identify 18-year-old Tayvaughn Crump. Police said they're close to identifying the female suspect as well.

Lt. Orefice said they believe the suspects targeted this residence, because the victim's husband recognized Crump to be a friend of a friend, and the suspects' car was seen driving past the apartment several times before they forced their way inside.

If someone suspicious comes to your door, police say you can call 911 and an officer will come check out that person.

Police are recommending charges of kidnapping, robbery, assault and battery, and conspiracy to commit a felony for all three.

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