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Drain Opener Danger: Man sends out a warning after accident lands him in the hospital

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A local man is warning others after an accident with drain opener left him with third-degree burns.

"It literally is almost pure acid," said Seth Page.

Page has been at INTEGRIS Baptist Burn Center for 6 days. He says it all started with a clogged sink and a very unfortunate accident.

"I put it on the cabinet, I turned around, it knocked off onto my left calf," he said.

"It" being - Kleen-Out Sulfuric Acid Drain Opener.

His wife quickly called 911 as he laid down towels so no one would step in the rest of the spilled chemicals.

When first responders got there, he said it didn't take long for them to realize how serious it was.

"The towels disintegrated in their hands so they actually had to call fire hazmat out to come deal with that," Page recalled. "They threw me in the back of the ambulance and we went really fast."

Page says since then, things have gone from bad to worse.

"I've got all the time progression pictures of the burn and from when the burn happened - it doesn't look that bad. It looks like 'yeah, that's a burn,' but it slowly gets to what it looks like now and you get to the most recent picture and you're like, 'holy crap, yeah that's really bad.'"

On the bottle, there's a clear warning of the dangers associated with the product. But what it does not say is the concentration of its ingredients. You have to go to the company's website to find that.

According to the product's manufacturer, "Better Bilt Chemical," it is 93-99% sulfuric acid and 1-7% water.

Page said he bought it over-the-counter at a local Walmart.

He knows there are dangers associated with many household products, but thinks it should be more difficult to purchase a product of this strength.

"But not all of them are 'hey, this is drain cleaner.' No, it's just acid. Let's not call it something it's not," Page said.

With a wife, a young daughter and a baby on the way, Page says the financial burden this has caused is weighing heavy, and has advice for anyone else that may want to use it.

"If a clog is that bad, call a plumber because this is going to cost a lot more than a plumber would," he said.

Page underwent a skin graft and is going to be in the hospital for at least 5 more days.

A nurse told News 4 this type of burn has happened before, but it doesn't happen every day.

News 4 reached out to both Walmart and Better Bilt Chemicals, but has yet to hear back from either.

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