Free program working to revitalize communities through ‘Fresh Paint Days’ accepting applications

OKLAHOMA CITY – A program that is working to help revitalize communities throughout the Sooner State is accepting applications.

Fresh Paint Days is a free program through Keep Oklahoma Beautiful that provides community groups with free paint and a stipend to improve buildings in their area.

The program is intended to help volunteer groups restore the face of their community with donated paint from H-I-S Paint. H-I-S Paint collects unused paint through the year, and then gives the surplus paint to communities.

“H-I-S Paint is excited to continue our partnership with Keep Oklahoma Beautiful as we work to reinvigorate communities throughout Oklahoma through the Fresh Paint Days program,” said Ken Wise, Director of Marketing and Product Line Management.

Applications are being accepted until July 31. Paint will be delivered in late August throughout the state, and projects should be completed throughout September.

In 2017, 44 community groups participated and 63 community structures were painted.