Investigators looking into arson of Oklahoma automotive shop

HEALDTON, Okla. – Authorities in one Oklahoma community are investigating a fire that damaged an automotive shop earlier this week.

Early Wednesday morning, emergency crews were called to a fire at the Fowler Automotive & Towing Shop.

“Some type of accelerant was thrown onto a pile of tires – could be gasoline, diesel, camp fuel anything that is flammable or combustible,” Marshall Cowan, with the Healdton Police Department, said.

Surveillance cameras captured a suspect running away from the automotive shop after the fire started.

“This shop is this family’s entire livelihood,” Cowan told KXII. “It’s how he supports his family and now he’s got to take money out of his family’s pocket to replace the damages that were done.”

Cowan says the damage left behind is leading officials to believe that it was set on purpose.

“There’s the melted gas can, the burn pattern on the side of the building – you can tell that it started from the ground and went up – the electrical meter was melted out as opposed to busted as if it had been hit by lightening or anything like that,” Cowan said.

The shop owners say they are using a generator to keep the facility open for business.

If you have any information on the fire, call Healdton police.