Metro camp gives young people diagnosed with cancer a great summer experience 

OKLAHOMA - Camp Live-A-Dream, sponsored by Ally's House, allows young people who have been diagnosed with cancer to enjoy everything that makes summer time special!

2014 marked a new chapter for Camp Live-A-Dream (CLAD). After 26 years as a program of the American Cancer Society, it has been adopted by Ally's House. The two organizations continue to work together to transition CLAD safely and successfully, honoring its rich tradition and bright future.

Who is eligible to attend?
Youth - ages 9 to 17 who have ever been diagnosed with cancer may attend CLAD.

Where is it located?
CLAD takes place in air-conditioned cabins at Central Oklahoma Christian Camp located south of Guthrie.

How much does camp cost?
CLAD is an experience provided at no cost to all campers.

What kind of medical accommodations are provided?
Campers need not be in remission to attend camp, but they should be well enough to enjoy the week's activities. Medical personnel are available around-the-clock to administer routine chemotherapy, arrange for blood counts, handle medical emergencies that may arise, and adjust any program to meet campers' needs.

Who staffs CLAD?
The CLAD committee carefully selects qualified staff members to ensure the safety of all campers. Staff members include physicians, oncology nurses, and camp counselors.

The assistance is designed to help ease a portion of the family's financial stress during treatments. Ally's House may pay for a broad range of needs such as:

  • Prescriptions
  • Medical expenses
  • Transportation to/from treatment
  • Housing utilities
  • Clothing and food

While other organizations do important work to advance medical research or advocacy, Ally`s House is the only Oklahoma non-profit providing financial assistance to individual families during their journey, regardless of what form of cancer their child has.

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