Oklahoma family out of more than $6K after travel agency nightmare 

PERRY, Okla. – A Navy wife says she planned to take her kids to see her deployed husband overseas.

“My kids, they haven’t seen their dad in four months, and so it’s really hard, especially on my daughter,” said Erin Schweitzer.

But after his port was canceled, she had to call the trip off.

“We bought trip insurance because we knew things change in the Navy,” she said. And when it came time to cancel, her money wasn’t being given back.

“We went through eDreams, and what we figured out is they are intentionally vague with what you are allowed to see,” said Schweitzer. “The trip protection we got, it plainly says trip cancellation is included.”

Schweitzer says eDreams told her to contact the insurance company, CSA.

“We are not escalating this call to a manager,” she said the representative told her. “And then he said hold on for a second, put me on hold and then hung up on me.”

Schweitzer also says she was told her situation isn’t covered by insurance.

“We were not informed of any of these exceptions until after we had paid for it,” she said.

Now, she’s warning others.

“I was devastated because my kids haven’t seen their dad in four months. This was a chance for them to be able to meet up. So now, I’m out a trip and I’m out over $6,000.”

News 4 reached out to both eDreams and CSA, but so far, we haven’t heard back.