Couple loses custody of teen son after giving him marijuana to treat seizures

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TWIGGS COUNTY, Ga. – Two Georgia parents have lost custody of their son after giving him marijuana to treat his seizures, according to WGXA.

Matthew and Suzeanna Brill face charges of reckless conduct for giving the drug to their 15-year-old son. Georgia has some of the strictest marijuana laws in the country and, while it's legal to have low-THC oil with a state-issued card, getting the card itself is not always easy.

"The only way he could get a medical card would be a six-year waiting list," Suzeanna told CBS.

State law also forbids the sale of marijuana-based products, and doctors are not allowed to prescribe it.

After the Brills' story received nationwide attention, the Twiggs County Sheriff's Dept. held a press conference Thursday.

"It's important to say, in my position as a sheriff, it doesn't matter if I agree with the law," said Twiggs County Sheriff Darren Mitchum. "The fact is marijuana is not legal in the state of Georgia."

Mitchum said his office has received threats and numerous phone calls.

The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services took the teen away in April; he is now in a group home.

The Brills said they began giving their son, David, marijuana in February.

The Brills' attorney, Steve Sadow, told ABC News giving him the drug was a last-ditch effort after trying other medical treatments and prescriptions. Sadow told ABC News the marijuana helped David go 71 days without a seizure.

"We look at our child in a ball in the middle of the floor unable to do anything, but their entire body is convulsing and tensed up and you have to pick your child up, carry them to your vehicle because you live 45 minutes away from help," Suzeanne Brill told WGXA. "I hope no parent ever has to do that."

They are back in court on June 14 when they could learn whether or not David will be returned to them.

The Twiggs County Sheriff's Office issued the following statement on Thursday:

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