Debate continues over measure that would legalize medical marijuana 

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EDMOND, Okla. - Several people spoke out at a town-hall style debate in Edmond Tuesday night over State Question 788.

Supporters and those who oppose the state question, which would legalize medical marijuana for some patients, voiced their opinions.

"I am here to speak for those who have been negatively affected by marijuana," said August Rivera, who voted no on SQ 788.

With signs around town and in front yards, the vote is set for June 26. Supporters say it just makes sense to vote yes to help with conditions like epilepsy and opioid addiction.

“We’ve destroyed families, we have incarcerated too many people, it's costing the state a lot of money to enforce prohibition. It's actually a healthful herb that we need to be using," said Norma Sapp of Oklahomans for Health.

Those who say vote no claim the verbiage in SQ 788 is too broad, and will be hard to enforce, especially in the workplace.

“Increases liability, workers compensation liability is foreseeably going to be affected because of safety issues on the job if people are using it," said Adria Berry of the State Chamber of Commerce.

The debate is the work of OSU philosophy professor and Edmond resident, Lawrence Paternack.

"I'm personally a strong supporter of medical marijuana. This is a topic that is very interesting to me and I think it's very important and I wanted to make sure we had an event with informed and honest debate," said Paternack.

Some say medical marijuana legislation is just a nice way to open the door for recreational use.

“788 requires a physician's recommendation. It’s a medical program. Period," said Robert Scott of New Health Solutions of Oklahoma.

And, there are concerns that prescription amounts are too large.

“It's an extremely high amount, pun intended” said Berry.

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