Oklahoma City police release body camera video from Lake Hefner shooting

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Police have released new body camera video showing Oklahoma City officers' perspective as they arrived on the scene of the shooting about two weeks ago at Louie’s on the lake.

Oklahoma City police provided three different videos from similar vantage points, all leading up to just minutes after the shots were fired.

“The shooter has been shot; headquarters, the shooter has been shot,” said dispatch.

In another video an officer yells “Shooter's been shot.”

The sound of sirens blared across Lake Hefner as police with rifles in their hands raced to Louie's Bar & Grill.  The call came in that a shooter targeted people at the restaurant.

“If he shot multiple times, you're going to have to locate where those rounds went and be accountable for each, where they got struck,” said Captain Bo Mathews. "People running out, chaotic. It's a very difficult scene."

The body camera video shows officers on that frightful day in May, opening the broken glass door to Louie’s, not knowing who could possibly be on the other side.

“Hands up! Hands up now!” officers are heard saying. “Hands up! Hands on your head, everybody."

The video showed a nearly-empty restaurant as many people took cover and ran to safety.

Police said 28-year-old Alexander Tilghman walked over to Louie’s and started shooting. He shot three people.

At that moment, two men, Bryan Whittle and Juan Carlos Nazaro, ran to their cars to grab their guns to stop the threat. The men told Tilghman to drop his gun, he didn't and they shot and killed him.

On video, one officer yelled “Is anybody hurt in here?” and, in the background, someone yelled back “Yes!”

Thankfully, the wounded will recover as police still work to determine the shooter's motives.

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