“This is why I do the job,” Touching photo shows firefighter holding little girl after car accident

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – The photo of a firefighter holding a little girl in his arms after a car accident is going viral.

Firefighters with Engine 6 of the Chattanooga Fire Department were called to the scene of a car accident involving a pregnant mother and her three small children.

Officials say the mother was hysterical because she was having abdominal and back pain.

Her three small children, who ranged in ages from 7 years old to 4 months old, were all OK, but the baby was screaming hysterically.

That’s when Captain Chris Blazek jumped into action, and asked the mother if he could take the little girl out of her car seat.

“The second I got done looking her over, she laid her head on my shoulder and just fully embraced me,” Cpt. Blazek told TODAY. “After I sat down, she just immediately went to sleep on me.”

The mother was taken to the hospital while the children stayed with firefighters on scene until family members arrived.

“It’s moments like this, that I am reminded, this is why I do the job,” said Cpt. Blazek, who is a father of four daughters and a 12-year veteran of the fire department.

Thankfully, Cpt. Blazek was later told that the mother and her children were OK.

The department is hoping the photo, which has been viewed on Facebook more than 14,000 times, will show the public what it means to be a firefighter.

“I think everybody thinks that firefighters just run into burning buildings, but there is so much more to the job,” said Cpt. Blazek. “It was important just knowing that not only I was comforting the little one, but her mom knowing that she was in good hands.”