Couple’s prized possessions stolen in trailer heist

OKLAHOMA CITY - A couple who was moving their prized possessions across the country is devastated after their U-Haul trailer was stolen from their hotel in Oklahoma City early Saturday morning.

"Everything, it's just all gone, and it was just so fast and random and couldn't believe it," said Susan Poloncak.

"I didn't even think trailer theft was a thing," said Jeff Poloncak.

The Poloncaks were in the process of moving from Wisconsin to Arizona. Some of their most prized items were in tow when they stopped at an Oklahoma City Airport hotel for the night.

That's when a late 90s maroon GMC or Chevy pickup cased the place. Within five minutes of arriving, the truck took off with the Poloncak's 5X8 U-Haul trailer.

"Checked on it at 10:30 at night. At 8:30 the next morning, we looked down and it was gone," said Susan Polonack.

All of the family's treasures vanished with the theft.

"Jeff and I are high school sweethearts, so we have been together for 25 years. So, there was my wedding dress and every wedding picture we have was in there. Our wedding video, every video of when our kids were little, everything, it's gone," Susan Polonack told News 4.

The Poloncaks have two children, and now, prized pictures of their kids are gone, too.

"All of her baby pictures. We don't have one baby picture of our son. They were all in there, everything was in there," said Susan Polonack.

Family heirlooms with no street value, but were personally priceless, were taken.

"There was the only picture of me as an infant with my grandmother," said Susan Polonack. "She was dying in the hospital of cancer. The only picture ever was in there. It might not seem like anything, but it was a hankie from my other grandmother. I was so close to her and that's gone."

Jeff Polonack was in the US Army and served a tour in Iraq. Now, his military momentos are no longer with him.

"All my pictures from every promotion, all my patches I wore on my uniform. It's all gone. We were leaving a big part of our life in Oklahoma City when we left," said Jeff Polonack.

Police say it's hard to make out from the images, but they think it's a white male driving the late 90s GMC or Chevy pick-up with a black bumper and blacked-out tires.

If you have any info, call the Oklahoma City Police Department.