Oklahoma City’s 1st techCenter Forum brings together the future in one room.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- If it's vision you're looking for try putting on a pair of virtual reality goggles in Bob Eskew's physical rehabilitation office.

He spent years looking for a way to make the repetitive exercises kids with cerebral palsy have to perform a little more fun.

Eskew, a cerebral palsy sufferer himself, says, "I had the idea to create a virtual space."

Software designer Andony Escudero from Trifecta Communications is building a VR basketball game where people like Ruby Galbraith can shoot baskets with Rumble from the OKC Thunder NBA team.

The overall purpose, says Escudero, "To really get the most out of their physical training."

The game helps with speech skills and even proper posture.

From virtual reality to augmented reality, a 3 person startup is busy making the sports experience from alive on your phone.

Co-founder Ben Campbell demonstrates.

"Here on our 3-D monitor you can see a character playing around with the ball."

You want to see Fenway Park in 3-D, or order a World Cup Soccer ball?

How about researching some extra facts about your favorite Sooner Heisman winner?

Overworld started out as a museum aid then pivoted to the passionate sports fan.

"Connecting fans with their favorite teams, their favorite players," continues Campbell.

If you think that's cool check out Mike Slack's animated business card.

"It works harder for you and helps to tell your story," he says while demonstrating.

Mike and a few other entrepreneurs have their fingers on the local tech business pulse because of their management of a place called Starspace46.

It opened a couple of years back to provide a sense of community for young tech startups.

They have 100 companies using this space now and a lot more waiting to get in when renovations are finished on the second floor.

"We think that we're going to be able to more than double," he says.

Starspace46, the Thunder Launch Pad, AR, VR, drones, and how they're changing the world of business.

That's what the first techCenter is about, and where you can find some of the smartest young people in the city, all in one, big room.

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