N.W. Oklahoma City neighborhood hit hard by lightning, flooding

OKLAHOMA CITY - "It was biblical and water poured in all over the house, all around the house," said Rick Lippert of his home in Quail Creek.

Strong rains and lightning strikes caused damage for homeowners in the N.W. Oklahoma City neighborhood.

"Well, according to the rain gauge, we got about seven inches of rain in about an hour and a half, two hours. We have a creek next to our house that is listed on the map as Dry Creek, today it was a raging river. The creek had never come up above our driveway before. Today it did," said Lippert.

The water moved logs, rocks, trashcans, and even flooded the car port and the front yard.

Inside, the unique architecture turned their sunken living room into a swimming pool.

"The water was coming in from all of the windows, all around the house and it found its way into the pit," Lipper told News 4.

Hours later, the water line was still visible on the windows and door, including a couple of inches of water in the pit.

"We’ve had some rains that were pretty big and monumental, but we’ve never had anything quite like this," said Lippert.

Another resident in the Quail Creek area, News 4's Galen Culver, said his home sustained lightning and water damage.

"I heard a couple of really close lightning strikes, but I didn’t know until later when I came out and saw the big limb down and then looked up, and a big black mark is on it at the top. It's pretty clearly a lightning strike," Culver said.

There was flooding through his house and even filled up his storm shelter. He says it's just the second time in 17 years water has flooded into his house.

"I was there with every towel in the house, but it was coming through the front door and through the garage door. It doesn’t seem to have done a great deal of damage. I got lucky," said Culver.

City officials are asking residents, whose property was damaged by flooding Thursday, to report it online.