Officials release new details after body found buried in backyard of Oklahoma City home

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Investigators say the body found at a northwest Oklahoma City home was buried in a shallow grave and covered with tires.

Police arrested Jimmy Vongphakdy for first-degree murder.

According to court documents, Vongphakdy says he was digging to work on sewer lines and had no idea there was a dead body buried in his backyard.

Investigators asked Vongphakdy about his former girlfriend and he told them he hadn't seen her in weeks.

However, neighbors say they saw her just a few days earlier.

One neighbor saw Vongphakdy just after police believe the victim was murdered.

"He couldn’t have company," said Rebecca Hulwa. "He’d just got off work, and plus, he had said the police had been around over here and everything else, and his mom and dad had just dropped him off and he said the police were like, just right down the street.”

Documents also say they received a phone call about a body in the house, which had been moved and buried in the backyard.

News 4 was able to see into the backyard and noted several large holes in the yard as well as tires.

The identity of the victim hasn't been released.

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