7-year-old Oklahoma girl raises money to buy dolls for patients at St. Francis Children’s Hospital

TULSA, Okla. – A little girl with a big heart raised money to buy American Girl dolls for patients at St. Francis Children’s Hospital.

Brinley Williams, 7, of Hugo, Oklahoma, has been in the hospital before due to kidney problems she was born with.

While she was at the hospital last year, she was given an American Girl doll, and after learning about giving back to others at church, she decided she wanted to do the same.

“It would help them a lot to get [through] a lot of pain and stress,” she told FOX 23.

She raised $400 from a lemonade stand and gave the money to the hospital. But, she wanted to raise more.

So, she was a waitress for a night at a restaurant in Hugo and raised more than $1,500 with the help of family, friends, and the community.

Williams’ family talked to the hospital and was able to get the dolls personalized.

On June 25, Williams will hand-deliver 15 dolls to children at the hospital.

“It makes my heart happy,” she said.