Children’s luggage stolen as church headed to camp

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A man has been caught on camera stealing luggage from children as they prepared to head to church camp.

Friday, elementary school kids were gathering at the South Lindsay Baptist Church.

"I don’t have any words for that," said Carla Brassfield.

Brassfield was left speechless watching the surveillance video. Her son’s luggage was being taken by a man in a white car as it was about to be loaded on the bus for church camp.

"They started loading everything up, and my lil' boy is like 'My bag is gone,'" she said. "No, I just went and got your medicine out of it. I'm pretty sure it was sitting there."

Brassfield said her son went to camp on Friday and called back to tell her his luggage was not on the bus. That’s when she went back to the church office to check the security camera.

"The car just pulled up and grabbed it and walked back to the car, put it back in their car and came back got another bag and took off," she said.

Brassfield said there were two boys' items stolen. It was all children's clothing.

"I cant believe somebody just take somebody’s little kids' - what  did they think was going to be in it?" she said. "They are not even allowed to take electronics."

Brassfield said other kids shared clothing with her son at camp.

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