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Dog bit by venomous snake in metro backyard

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A dog owner in The Village said her Great Dane was bitten on the paw by a venomous snake while playing in her backyard.

Monika Anderson said her 7-year-old Great Dane was playing in the backyard six weeks ago. She went inside and noticed blood on the floor.

Anderson took her to the vet to be treated but, the next day, she felt the injured paw.

"I checked it, the temperature of it was warm and, when I pushed on it, it was a little swollen and puss came out from the wound," she said.

Back to the clinic the two went. Vets found a puncture wound, so rounds of antibiotics were prescribed, but bouts of odd behavior occurred.

"She urinated again all over the floor, which is unlike her," Anderson said.

The Great Dane even foamed at the mouth.

Daisy eventually collapsed. Vets then focused on the necrosis, treating the dying tissue on Daisy's foot, eventually concluding it was a venomous bite.

"The systemic reaction was snake, not spider," Anderson said.

Daisy is not a small dog, but she has lost 17 pounds since the bite, now weighing in at 130lbs.

"Had she been a small dog, that dog wouldn't be here," Anderson said.

As for what kind of snake bit Daisy?

"The only guess we can make is a copperhead, maybe a rattle snake, but we haven't seen anything," Anderson said.

Neither has The Village Animal Control.

"I haven't had any dealings with any venomous snakes here in The Village," said Bryan Balenseifen, animal control officer.

But, even though there are no known fanged snakes, officials do have advice for pet owners.

"Definitely before you go outside and let your dogs out and things like that, check around, make sure you are looking for snakes and whatnot. They are going to like to live under things, brush piles, leaves, tall grass," Balenseifen said.

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