Oklahoma Watches and Warnings

Metro mother watches in horror as her car is stolen with her two kids inside 

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A mother's worst nightmare unfolded before her eyes as she watched her car get stolen with her children asleep in the back seat Tuesday morning.

The mother asked to keep her identity secret, afraid for the safety of her family after the ordeal.

It happened near the corner of Northwest 7th Street and Greenvale Road. The woman was visiting her pastor. She left her car running while her two children slept in the back seat. She was standing next to the car on the sidewalk when she heard the car doors open, and she turned to watch four black teen boys jump inside.

"I didn't think about my car, I thought about my kids," she said.

The teens were yelling at her to get her kids out of the car.

"I was so scared, that's why I didn't scream. That's why I didn't ask for help," she said. "They told me to get my kids out, so I thought I would get them."

But, the pastor and the woman he was talking to saw what was happening and ran towards the commotion. The driver panicked and sped away in reverse. The teens fled, but the woman's son and daughter were still trapped inside.

"I was terrified," she said. "My son would scream, 'My sister! My sister! The girl! The girl!'"

The driver stopped at the corner where the suspects threw her son out of the car, but then drove away with her daughter.

The police arrived and the woman waited, sick with the loss of her daughter. But it wasn't long before police found the vehicle abandoned, her daughter safe inside.

"They said, 'We found her,' and they gave us a hug," she said.

Now, police are searching for the people who did it.

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