Police search for suspects after they steal a car with sleeping children inside

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OKLAHOMA CITY - “I heard the helicopter and thought it was a daily routine checkup. I didn’t ever imagine it would be something like this,” said a neighbor, who wanted to remain anonymous.

Neighbors heard the commotion just after midnight in the 7400 block of N.W. 7th Street.

Police say a woman had driven to her pastor’s house and left her two sleeping children inside the running car while talking to her pastor outside.

"Apparently the woman was standing nearby her vehicle. The vehicle was running, however, she had the key fob in her pocket and believed that the vehicle could not be driven without the key fob in the vehicle. Obviously that was not the case,” said Master Seargeant, Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

According to the police report, the woman “heard the doors to her vehicle open, turned around and observed 4 black male teenagers getting inside.”

The victim “ran after her vehicle on foot, screaming.”

The 10-year-old child woke up and at the stop sign just down the street and one of the suspects grabbed him and threw him out of the car.

He told police “he was yelling at the suspect 'My sister, my sister.'"

The pastor got in his car, picked up the mom and her son and tried chasing the vehicle, but lost them when they turned left on N.W. 10th.

Police found the vehicle abandoned, with the 4-year-old girl unharmed inside, in a nearby parking lot.

"There's no indication that the suspects knew there were children in the vehicle. There's every indication that they were just trying to steal a vehicle and this one happened to have kids in it. We always remind the public - never leave your car running. Even if you're close by, never leave your car running, particularly with children in it,” said MSgt. Knight.

"Not only have they stolen my car, but they have stolen the neighbors, and the other neighbors as well,” said the neighbor.

Neighbors say there’s a group of teenagers that have terrorized their neighborhood and they don’t know why.

"They don't win anything in doing all of this. It's just pure evil,” she said.

The 10-year-old described the driver of the car to police as tall and thin with a mohawk haircut, wearing a grey and white hooded t-shirt.

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