Residents at apartment complex asking for help with plumbing problems

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OKLAHOMA CITY --Residents at a northwest Oklahoma City apartment complex are fed up with plumbing issues that have allegedly flooded several units.

Candace Prioleaux lives at the Meadowbrook Apartments near N.W. 36th and Meridian.

"I'm very stressed and very upset," Prioleaux said.

She said her bathtub has been flooding and is filled with brown water that is giving off a foul odor.

"After Memorial Day, before June 1st was when I put in the request. I was like, 'Hey, there's water that's not draining. Can you come fix it?' Then there was more water that flooded about June 1st," Prioleaux said.

That water flooded her bathroom and seeped all the way downstairs to her kitchen. She said she can't even bathe at home.

"If I can't get to my friend's house, I stand in front of the sink and get the sponge and I have to just wash myself," Prioleaux said.

Prioleaux's neighbor, Jason Davis, is in the same boat.

"These last couple of weeks have been a little more difficult because the apartment complex hasn't been really wanting to do what needs to be done around here," Davis said. "Our tub hasn't been draining at all for two weeks. The water has gotten kind of nasty looking in there. It's a slight brownish color now."

They claim that management told them several times that a plumber is on the way, but no one ever showed up.

When News 4 spoke with the office, we were first told a plumber fixed the issue. When we explained we were just there and the issue wasn't fixed, we were told a plumber will be out today or tomorrow.

"I'm just like okay, I have to move somewhere else. The manager doesn't want to let me out of my lease. She said that it's a habitable living situation. I'm like, I can't bathe," Prioleaux said.

Prioleaux said management won't let her out of her lease, so she has sought out legal counsel.

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