Woman arrested after more than 60 animals taken from alleged puppy mill

LINCOLN, Ark. - One woman was arrested after more than 60 animals were seized from an alleged puppy mill.

Several law enforcement departments responded to the home to serve a warrant.

Deputies seized 67 dogs, eight goats, and one pony, reports KFSM.

Some dogs were found living in cages surrounded by their own feces.

"We have witnessed a few, some do have cataract. They've obviously been bred to death, some of them are very old, skin issues, large mats on their body where their hair not ever being trimmed and sitting in their urine and feces," said Carmen Nelson, Animal League of Washington County Director.

Officials arrested 62-year-old Debbie Cain, who now faces eight counts of felony animal cruelty charges and 62 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty charges.

The animals were taken to veterinarians and will be held as evidence until Cain goes to court.