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California couple arrested for allegedly trafficking 100 pounds of marijuana

Mery Ann Rivers and Randall Grant

OKLAHOMA CITY – Two people from California were arrested after they were found with almost 100 pounds of marijuana.

On June 10, officers pulled over a vehicle near I-40 and Meridian Ave. that was recklessly changing lanes.

According to the probable cause affidavit, police discovered the man and woman had rented the high-end vehicle, but became suspicious when they noticed stickers placed on the back window.

“I observed stickers to be on the back window of the vehicle, which I found extremely odd to be on a rental car. [Rivers] stated she put them on the vehicle because she thought it was a good idea,” the affidavit states.

After a K-9 officer gave a positive alert to the rear back door, officers discovered two duffel bags and one suitcase filled with marijuana.

In all, officials say the bags contained 79 bundles of marijuana that weighed about 100 pounds.

Mery Ann Rivers and Randall Grant were both arrested on a complaint of trafficking marijuana.