Buddy Hield Holds Camp In OKC, Passes On Knowledge About ‘The Process’

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The stories of Buddy Hield’s workout warrior days from his college career are legendary.

He passed some of that knowledge about the process onto his own campers this week.

The Sooner star turned NBA guard even stopped camp at one point to tell kids that were goofing off to head to the bleachers if they weren’t there to work.

Hield holds numerous nicknames including Buddy Love, for his like ability, especially with young people.

“Yea I feel like it’s easy for me to get along with kids,” Hield said.  “Especially when I was a little kid I would always have fun.  Especially in the islands.  It was always free.  I would always have fun running up and down.  It is a blessing from God.  I’m glad I’ll be able to come out here, and communicate with them and have fun with them.”

While back in his Sooner stomping grounds the former player of the year stopped by the new Blake Griffin performance center on campus, and hinted that he could help OU out too.

“It’s beautiful,” Hield said.  “Thank God for Blake, and what he’s doing for the University.  God’s blessed him so much.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do something for the University whenever I get to my second contract, or something like that.”

Buddy’s been friends with fellow former Sooner star Trae Young for some time, and says he’s looking forward to taking on Trae in the NBA.

“I just can’t wait to see where he lands, and I can’t wait to have my next Sooner in the NBA, so that I can have somebody to compete against,” Hield said.  “I’ve been competing against Trae since he was little, but now there’s not much of an age difference.  It’ just man on man now, so it’s been pretty awesome.”

As for ‘Buddy Buckets’, the Bahamian says, he may make the NBA look smooth, but the work can’t stop.

“It’s not easy,” Hield said.  “Everybody thinks it’s easy.  You’ve got to work out.  You’ve got guys like Trae Young trying to take your spot, so you have to put the work in.  If you don’t put the work in another group will come and take your spot next year, so you have to be ready each and every day.”  

For the first time Buddy belonged to the same NBA team for a full season, and says, Sacramento’s starting to feel like home.

“The fans are great there,” Hield said.  “The front office is great.  The organization’s on the way up.  We just need some more pieces, and guys are still young, so guys are still learning.  Once we get everything clicking and everything on all cylinders we should be fine.”

As Hield taught and told his campers, the process doesn’t stop.

So what’s Buddy learning going into year three?

“Really how to play basketball,” Hield said.  “The second half of the season like how to play basketball.  Like how to play for your teammates, and understanding the value of having your teammates, and setting them up.  You watch Golden State play guys understand their role, and knowing where you have to be on the court, knowing what you do best and what you don’t do best.  Just understanding the game, and trying to get better each and every time you play.”

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