Holtzclaw request for more documents denied

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals has denied Daniel Holtzclaw's latest motion to unseal secret documents in his ongoing appeal.

Those sealed documents were the focus of a court ruling on Monday when the court ruled in Holtzclaw's favor that some of the documents should be handed over to the Holtzclaw defense team.

However, as part of that ruling, the court decided some of the documents would stay under seal.

The court ruled those records which are Oklahoma City personnel records may not be unsealed, only to be released by the city of Oklahoma City.

None of the documents in question were presented in court during Holtzclaw's 2016 trial.

They were presented to the court months after the verdict.

Last year, prosecutors presented the documents to a district judge in a series of secret hearings, closed to the public and closed to defense attorneys.

In fact, the Holtzclaw defense team wasn't even aware of the secret hearings until after they were over.

This week Holtzclaw's lawyers filed another motion asking the court to give copies of the sealed documents to an expert so the expert can determine if they are pertinent to the appeal.

The motion was denied.

The court ruled those Oklahoma City personnel records will stay under seal unless the city of Oklahoma City releases them.

In 2016, Holtzclaw was sentenced to 263 years in prison for raping and sexually assaulting women while on patrol as an Oklahoma City Police Officer.

He maintains his innocence.


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