“She’s very easily the worst I’ve ever had,” Young puppy diagnosed with mange

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Although she is only about 12-weeks-old, this young puppy has already been through a lot in her short life.

Maeghan Olsen says workers at a tire shop found the puppy, named Magic, in bad shape.

"Some of my friends that work at the shelter, since we work with them all of the time, contacted me and said, 'Hey, we have a puppy here that needs your help,'” Maeghan Olsen, founder of 1 Day Ranch, said.

Veterinarians diagnosed Magic with demodex, a non-contagious form of mange.

"I've seen hundreds and she's very easily the worst I've ever had," Olsen said.

Since starting the 1 Day Ranch in 2011, Olsen says she has seen hundreds of cases of abuse and neglect. In fact, she says she has had 50 animal neglect cases come to her Bethel Acres facility in the past three months.

Although owning a pet can be expensive, Olsen says there are low-income clinics and nonprofits that can help in some cases.

In Magic's case, she appears to have been abandoned due to her condition.

"I believe someone had this dog. Somebody was caring in the most minor of ways for this animal," she said.

She says it is heartbreaking that someone would leave a dog to fend for itself rather than treating it properly.

Medicine for Magic would have been a cheap, and easy solution.

"The most heartbreaking thing about cases like Magic is this is easily treatable problem. This would have been a few doses of medication and she would have been fine," she said.

Magic is headed to a foster home now and will be available for adoption soon.

For more information and to donate visit Here.

There are many low cost clinics in Oklahoma including Pet-VetSafe Haven, and OK Humane Place to name a few.

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