“People can get killed,” Vehicles damaged after rocks thrown from overpass

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ARDMORE, Okla. – Drivers traveling in Ardmore earlier this week were shocked when rocks started flying from an overpass and crashed onto their vehicles.

“It sounded like a shotgun going off,” Ashley Brodersen said.

Brodersen says she driving with her mom, niece and four-year-old son when it happened Wednesday night.

“I pulled over and I got out of my vehicle and I immediately see my hood was dented in,” Brodersen told KXII. “I realized that there was some kids on the overpass, and as I was on the phone with the police department I sat there and watched them as they were throwing rocks onto other people’s vehicles.”

Another driver thought her tire had blown out.

“I mean, it sounded like a shotgun, it was loud and I though, oh heck, I got a blow out,” Cissy Sexton said.

Sexton says several other vehicles sustained damage on the hoods and windshields. She says she also saw kids near the overpass.

“We seen two kids come off the side of this hill over here and one of them had a black shirt and tan khaki shorts that went to his knees. He was kind of a tall kid, dark hair,” Sexton said. “The other one was smaller than him and he had on a black shirt and black shorts.”

Ardmore police do not have any suspects at this time, but say those involved could face a felony charge, resulting in either a fine, jail time, or both.

“I’m in the process of buying a home, my husband is serving in Afghanistan – that’s money out of my pocket,” Brodersen said.

Sexton hopes parents will take action and tell their kids how dangerous the act can be.

“Talk to your kids, tell them how dangerous it is because people can get killed,” Sexton said. “That would be a senseless killing on somebody hands.”

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