Two men arrested after traffic stop in Broken Arrow

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. – Broken Arrow police say they were able to solve five different crimes after one traffic stop led to the arrests of two men.

Police say it started when they pulled over a vehicle with a broken taillight.

Officials found out that both men inside, 59-year-old Steven Pozywio and 58-year-old George Elias, had active warrants and arrested them.

After searching their vehicle, police tell FOX 23 they found fake checks and other individuals’ driver’s licenses – linking them to five different crimes.

“It’s very rare that we catch someone in the act and luckily, we were able to catch these two individuals before they could commit a crime,” said officer James Koch with the Broken Arrow Police Department.

One of the suspects told police he committed the crimes so he could support his daughter’s heroin habit.

Elias and Pozywio were taken to the Tulsa County jail.