Metro police looking for colorfully-dressed crook

EDMOND, Okla. - Both Edmond and Village police are looking for a man who usually wears bright clothes and drives a flashy car who has been stealing from teachers.

Village police said they are looking for the suspect: "an approximately 30-year-old black male, 5'3 and wearing a bright-colored shirt."

He allegedly walked into the athletic center at Casady School about 7 p.m. while a school athletic event was taking place.

"He was seen walking in without a backpack, was in for about 20 minutes then left with a backpack that contained electronics, credit cards and other things," said Russ Landon with Village police.

Cellphones, laptops, purses - all taken. Police think he was using the event to divert attention.

"Lots of people in and out during that time, lots going on inside and outside, people leaving offices unlocked unfortunately and he took advantage of it," Landon said.

Well, it just so happens Edmond police are looking for a similar suspect.

Photos show what Edmond officials believe to be the same man walking to Chisolm Elementary as teachers were wrapping up things for the school year. Money and valuables were taken from many different purses.

Edmond police said the man is driving a black 4-door Jaguar.