Mustang booster club president busted for embezzlement

MUSTANG, Okla. - Booster busted: a local football booster president is facing charges for stealing from the club.

"Basically, we determined that there was about $269,000 that went through the booster club," said Sheriff Chris West.

Several thousands of dollars from the Mustang High School football booster club was embezzled. West said president Raymond Davis is who allegedly boosted the cash.

"We determined that there was a period where there was a change of booster club executive board members; Mr. Davis remained in position when that happened, and there was an account that existed," West said.

Davis was the booster club president for close to four years. By the time new members got on board, they had no clue about another bank account and a separate bank an investigator said Davis used as his personal piggy bank.

"Davis continued to draw funds with a debit card out of the other account that they didn’t know of," West said.

Court records show he would make small purchases at convenience stores and fast food restaurants. West said he would spend anywhere from a $1.50 to $15 but eventually it all added up.

"We determined that Mr. Davis used about $10,000 basically on small purchases. Just one at a time, they built up to be a lot of money," West said.

A random audit was performed of the booster club by the district, and that's when other board members got concerned and called the police. The audit showed more than 20 withdraws, totaling close to $10,000, and half of the amount had no supporting receipts.

"He was unable to come up with receipts and documents that the monies were spent legitimately," said West.

In a statement Deputy Superintendent Charles Bradley of Mustang Schools said:

"We are saddened to inform our patrons that an individual, whom we entrusted with leading the Touchdown Club, is believed to have mishandled funds. It’s not the school district this individual is accused of stealing from, it’s the kids."

Davis is out on bail. He resigned from his position as booster club President. He withdrew the last .62 cents from the original bank account and police said pocketed the change before the investigation.