Man arrested for child pornography after allegedly attacking woman at truck stop

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James Champ

OKLAHOMA CITY – A man is behind bars after he allegedly attacked a woman at a truck stop in Oklahoma City.

On Dec. 23, officers were called to the Flying J truck stop, located in the 4800 block of N.E. 122nd St., following an attempted rape.

According to the affidavit, the victim said she was using the restroom when a man came into the female bathroom and crawled underneath the stall door.

“The suspect pulled her off of the toilet seat and onto the floor. [The victim] said she immediately started screaming and began to defend herself. Due to the victim’s loud screams, the suspect fled the female restroom,” the affidavit said.

As he was running out of the restroom, the alleged suspect dropped his cell phone. When the victim found the phone, she says there was a pornographic movie playing.

When Oklahoma City officers arrived at the truck stop, they couldn’t find the alleged suspect. However, they were able to trace the cell phone to James Champ.

“According to the date and times listed on the internet searches, it appeared the user of the cell phone was watching pornographic movies for several hours leading up to the time of the attempted rape,” the report states.

Officers also allegedly found several hundred pictures of “young girls wearing gymnastics leotards, shorts or underwear. The majority of the pictures were primarily focused on the young girls’ pelvic area.”

A couple of the photos also showed young girls in pornographic positions.

Champ was arrested on complaints of possession of child pornography and sexual battery.

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