Tips for making the most out of your college visit

OKLAHOMA CITY – If you’ve got a student in high school, college is likely something that is in the back of your mind.

Experts typically agree that visiting the campus for a tour can answer many questions.

Dr. Vicky Schaeffer, a Heritage Hall counselor, has a few tips on making the most of your college visit.

Schaeffer says visiting a campus early and then going back your senior year is a good way to help make a decision.

When choosing which campuses to visit, create a narrow list and try to balance different types and sizes to make sure you’re making the right decision.

Summer is less than ideal for campus visits, but it can serve as a chance to get a big view of the campus and town.

When visiting a campus:

  • Take the tour
  • Venture on your own to places that interest you
  • Take notes and pictures, and ask questions
  • Don’t ignore emails or offers to meet with admissions officers
  • If you don’t take a tour, make sure the school knows you visited.

Parents should also remember that this is not their college experience, and you have to start letting them make their own choices.

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