Oklahoma Air Force base hosting event for service members who missed the holidays

ALTUS, Okla. – While many families are able to reunite for the holidays, some members of the military are still not able to find their way home in time for Christmas.

On Friday, Altus Air Force Base is hosting a “Christmas You Missed: Deployed Families Hearts Apart” event for families whose loved ones were deployed last Christmas. The event is also for those who are currently deployed or who are scheduled to deploy soon through the holiday.

Families will be able to enjoy a pool party, dinner, games and a special visit from Santa Claus.

“This is an important event for building community,” said MSgt. Christie Kidder. “It’s a hard time while the families are away and if they can build that relationship with the community around, it makes the deployment a lot easier for them to handle.”

The event is free and will be held Friday at the Freedom Community Center in Altus.