Report: Carmelo Anthony Will Play for Thunder in 2018

Camelo Anthony will play his basketball for the Thunder in 2018.

Melo will not exercise his early termination clause on the final year of his contract. That means the Thunder are on the hook for nearly 28 million dollars in salary next season.

With the move the Thunder are now a million dollars over the salary cap and that's before OKC has a chance to sign Paul George and Jerami Grant. The move by Melo won't prevent the Thunder from pursuing both players, but if OKC does re-sign both players, cap penalties for both contracts will hit millions of dollars.

Anthony has been very active on social media over the last few days leading up to his decision to stay with the Thunder.

Sam Presti said during his draft night press conference that even after Melo makes his decision the two parties plan to, "still have discussions."