Fans 4 Oklahomans: Donations roll in by the carload for annual fan drive

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Monday, our In Your Corner team hosted their annual “Fans 4 Oklahomans” fan drive at Rococo Restaurant and Wine Bar, located near N.W. 28th St. and Pennsylvania Ave.  

The donations just kept rolling in.

We received $500 from our friend and News 4 viewer, Gayle, from Norman and the Oklahoma Senior Journal and Rogers Market Promotions pitched in another 51 fans.

Our wall of fans kept growing, and growing, and growing and so did the excitement.

The Bricktown Rotary Club dropped off dozens of fans and George and Margaret Sachse donated enough cash to buy 4 more.

“When our central heat and air goes out I think about all of the people who don't have fans either,” Margaret said. “I feel like they need something.”

Remember, two years ago we were so desperate for fans and The Salvation Army was having to turn away families.

Dee Watts from The Salvation Army said, “[That was] heartbreaking to not be able to give people what they needed and to not have the fans.”

You can bet the new fans we just collected won't stick around for very long.

Monday, Chef Bruce Rinehart stuck around to feed our generous donors with his signature Rococo appetizer cookies.

“Those are the blue cheese,” he said. “Those are the 'Nancy' named after our dear friend.”

Our dear friends at The Salvation Army will make sure your fan donation gets to someone who could really use the relief right now. 

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