Air conditioning unit to blame for early morning apartment fire

OKLAHOMA CITY -- An air conditioning unit is to blame for an early morning fire in the Paseo area.

Fire crews were called to an apartment complex near N.W. 30th St. and Shartel around 4 a.m. on Tuesday after witnesses reported seeing some coming from the building.

"I noticed a lot of flames billowing out of the top half of the building. As you can see, there's a lot of fire damage on the top half," Keraya Hassan told News 4.

Fire officials said the residents of the apartment had been having trouble with their A/C unit, and that's what caused the blaze.

"Everybody is okay. I'm thankful for that," Michael O'Haneje, the manager of the building, said.

O'Haneje said he's thankful fire crews responded so quickly.

"I said thanks to them because they saved the whole building," he said.

He spent the morning working on finding a temporary home for the residents of the apartment.

People who live in the area are thankful no one was hurt, and all pets are safe.

"Everyone has pets down here, everyone. I've known people that live in this building and every single person has had a pet," Hassan said.

No word on how much the damages will cost to repair.